Conference Details & Call for Papers Of the Earth: art, design, writing and the environment Friday 24/ Saturday 25 October 2014 Venue: Plymouth University, UK.

 Of The Earth sets out to identify how the history, theory and practice of art, design, and writing are becoming increasingly aligned to environmental issues and politics. A large part of the conference will be given over to a review of contemporary research and artistic practice which explores the delicate poise between the human mind and the natural world – the world in which we live.

 Organized to coincide with the major exhibition WALK ON at Peninsula Art Gallery, Plymouth Museum, Plymouth College of Art and other venues in Plymouth from 19th September to 12th December 2014, the conference will be jointly hosted by

‘WALK Research Centre’, University of Sunderland

‘Land/Water and the Visual Arts’, Plymouth University.

 WALK ON examines the astonishingly varied ways in which artists have, since the late 1960s, used what would seem like a universal act – the taking of a walk – as a means to create new types of art. It offers an as-yet-unwritten history of this major strand of recent art practice and features much work that could be described as being ‘of the earth’.

Of The Earth will develop the idea of such closeness, by setting out to identify how the history, theory and practice of art, writing and design is becoming increasingly concerned with the politics of environment

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 Confirmed keynote speakers include:

Jem Southam (Land/Water and the Visual Arts)

Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker (Land2)


Conference Organisers Mike Collier, Carol McKay, Walter Lewis (University of Sunderland),

Simon Standing, Liz Wells (Plymouth University)

 Conference Administration

Michele Allen, email (registration and practical arrangements)


 A call for papers is now open for artists and researchers from all fine art disciplines, along with photographers, designers, anthropologists, geographers, cultural studies experts and others to submit a practice and/or research based abstract of no more than 350 words related to the conference themes of Of The Earth.

 Issues which may be explored could include, but are not limited to:

 Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity

Deep Ecology and Ecocentric Perspectives;

Ecosystems – Ideal or Otherwise;

Respect and Sustainability



Awe, Wonder & 21st Century Beauty;

Mindfulness and Conscientiousness

The Living Landscape;

Being Alive

 Creative-critical papers and innovative panel proposals will be welcomed.

 Proposals should be sent to

Michele Allen, at

 Deadline: Friday June 20th 2014.


All proposals will be peer reviewed, and we hope to let you know by mid July whether your paper or presentation has been accepted. Proposals should include the following:

 Title of paper or presentation

Abstract (max 350 words)

Visual material (max 12 jpegs)

 Your name

Institutional status (if applicable)

Contact address and email

 Full details of further deadlines, conference fees, speakers and associated events will be posted on and